DEAL: year long subscription to gametap at 50% off


I saw this one at the Digital Life Conference in NYC.

Gametap is a provider of downloadable games.  You pay a monthly or annual subscription and can enjoy unlimited downloads.

Most of the games are older, maybe two generations out:  Far Cry, Civ III, etc….  However there is a very rich supply of ancient games from the earliest console days as well as more recent console games.  GameTap let’s you play these games without complex console emulation, etc… (so they say).

The cost is $59.40 for a year if you act on this deal:  The demos at the conference looked pretty interesting and the games should be fairly fun.

Since the games are downloaded they should perform at a fairly spiffy pace.  I’m not sure how well (or if) Gametap works when a laptop is untethered from the Internet.

Gametap also offers a free monthly trial.  We put this one up because it looked very interesting.  If you try it out – please leave comments.


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