Second Life: SIMs Meets RPG


Second Life is a new role playing adventure that appears to combine the wild and woolly personalities and adventures of the avatars of SIMs with the control of on-line RPGs (Role Playing Games).  This game replaces the scripted random actions of the SIMs avatars with the best random action generator that has been created to date — Man (or Woman for the ladies).  In this game you interact with individuals from all over the net.  Each one brings his or her unique personality quirks to this rich virtual world.

The Second Life interface, while requiring some adjustment time to the “ipod” style control wheel, is not even close to being complicated.  The game maintains a full featured rich set of controls allowing for interactions with both other characters and the surrounding world.

You can create an avatar that resembles the you “you are” or the you “you want to be.”  In less than 15 minutes, I was able to create an avatar that resembled me and my good looks (to include my “cool looking” and “all ways in style beer gut”).  Seriously, there are thousands of combinations and looks that can be achieved in a fairly short time frame which will leave you free to go and experience the Second Life world.  In less than one hour I was flying through this world like I was Superman and the next I was on the dance floor of “Sanctuary Rock.”

Second Life is worth the investment of time and effort.  You will not beat the price.  The base membership is “FREE”.  I highly recommend you go to and try this world on for size.


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