Forever Flashlight III by Excaliber


I have picked up two of these flashlights for my house. Living on the Gulf Coast as I am hurricanes are a nagging concern and I got these as part of my hurricane preparation kit though they would equally well in routine blackout.

The flashlights operate on the Faraday principle with the conducter- coiled copper wire moving though a magnetic field by shaking the flashlight. The resultant electricity powers the LED and provides light. When I first started looking at these I was concerned about the light intesity. In the stores it can be difficult to tell if the flashlight is even on.

I happy to report thought that in the dark the resultant illumination is more than sufficient to provide light for walking around. Just don’t expect spotlight intensity. The advertising indicates 5 minutes of illumination for 15 to 30 seconds of mechanical work but in my experience the intensity of the light fades after a couple of minutes so I wind up shaking it sooner. Still there is no need to worry about dead batteries making it ideal for emergency situations.

I had also considered “dynamo” flashlights but these do contain a battery, a rechargable one (a fact that is not always clearly shown on the packaging materials), and presumably over time this rechargable battery will lose its ability to store a charge.

The flashlights run from 20 to 30 dollars on average and can be found online but also in places like Bed,Bath and Beyond, The Sharper Image and Brookstones.

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