About Us

Gadgetology is a collective effort to identify, discuss, experiment and play with some of the neatest most exciting gadgets we can get our hands on – oh – and of course to write about the experiences.

Our goal is to accumulate 7 gadgetoids, so far we are just 2: n and j.  However, we are actively stalking several others and have plans on making them talk (think ghastly snicker – like “the shadow knows”).

N and J are both in their later 30s. 

N lives in rural N. Carolina and has nothing better to do with his time – oops – except play with his children and amuse his wife.

J lives in NYC and can’t help but play with, research and examine different gadgets – he even helps build robots.  J doesn’t really want to do anything else with his time, however, a babe would be a nice distraction.  Any gadgetettes reading this blog should feel free to apply. 

N and J are both men of means or at least meanings and perfect demographic representatives of their age groups.  This means that anything they like, is likely to be just what someone else their age would like.  Hmm…does this mean N and J are shallow, common photocopies of all other men in their late 30s?  Maybe, but let’s get to the gadgets.

One Response to “About Us”

  1. SparkBugg Says:

    I look forward to continuing to read your site. Quick question: what is a gadgetoid, and how do you plan on accumulating them? Thanks.


    BTW, I am a fellow wordpress gadget blogger that started in Oct. as well.

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