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The Canon SD700-IS pocket camera

October 18, 2006

My newest and greatest pocket camera is the Canon SD700-IS.  Previously I have owned a few generations of Minolta point and shoot cameras.  Those were the best for their time.  I especially liked that the lense did not protrude outside of the camera when zooming.  Konica-Minolta sold the technology to Sony.  Sony makes good cameras, too, but I prefer to avoid memory stick media.


Canon makes so many models it was a hard decision to choose which one was best for me.  I wanted a small camera with a large screen that could take pictures quickly.  The number of megapixels was important, but other factors were more important, such as shutter lag and image stabilization.  The cameras with more megapixels supposedly have a larger shutter lag and no image stabilization. 


This is the best all around camera I have ever used.  Almost every picture is in perfect focus and exposure.  Try to take a picture of two people.  While most cameras will focus right in between and make both people blurry, this one can recognize the two people correctly.  Sometimes I do not want to be the missing person on the trip, so I turn around the camera and become the subject as well as the photographer.  More times than not every picture looks good.  My aim is sometimes off, but the camera is so quick, I can take many pictures. 


No camera is perfect.  I already mentioned that my choice did include a tradeoff to get image stabilization.  I am not even convinced that image stabilization makes much difference.  My other problem is with the screen.  The outer coating is coming off.  When I called Canon about the coating, the response was always to send it back.  All I wanted to know was whether it would be under warranty.  Since Canon would not tell me, I sent it back.  Sure enough, Canon called it cosmetic and wanted to charge me $137.  I declined the fix.


Besides my annoyance with Canon service, I still love my camera.  It takes great pictures and fits easily in my pocket.