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Just remember it for me…MobiPassword – password and link manager

October 18, 2006

Mobipassword is a very useful password and web link manager.

It provides useful categories and templates for storing information for a vast variety of common facts:  everything from websites URLs and passwords, to bank accounts and airline loyal program information.

MobiPassword runs on either your PC or concurrently with your PC and a hand held device, such as a Palm or Windows hand-held.  I personally have run MobiPassword on various Palm tungsten models, Palm Treo and HP handheld.

Links, passwords and data are synchronized automatically when you hot-synch your PDA.  Data is stored in an encrypted format that makes it costly and difficultto try to steal.

MobiPassword sits in the system tray of your PC.  You can right click on the icon and select a website for Mobipassword to launch.  It can then – at your request – automatically log you into the website – saving you time by remembering the password and URL for you.

MobiPassword is mostly stable.  It works and runs well about 97% of the time.  Every so often (about every 2-3 days for me) the program throws an error and mysteriously quits.  No other programs are effected, but it is an inconvenience.

You can check MobiPassword out at

Enjoy, N