Dear reader,

Gadgetology is not a licensed provider of legal, financial, medical, engineering or any kind of professional advise (at least in this context).  Please do not rely on our advice for anything you would normally pay a professionally licensed adviser to tell you or help you decide.

The oppinions expressed within the gadgetology blog are the oppinions of the specific reviewer and not necessarily that of the gadgetology blog or the other reviewers.

Products reviewed are occasionally pre-release versions of products and may have different features or behaviors than products released to the general public.

Gadgetology disavows any responsibility the use, misuse or reliability of any product reviewed in the gadgetology blog.

The Gadgetology blog reviews represent the subjective experience of our reviewers – your personal experience may differ – however, we hope you find our anecdotal evidence helpful.

If any reader can identify any additional form of responsibility for the gadgetology blog to disclaim, please let us know.

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